Company Profile

Fares Bros IET Corp is a family business founded October 6, 2006. Fares Bros is a wholesale heavy machinery company buying American machinery and selling to companies in the United States and foreign countries. A large part of our business has been the export of heavy machinery for mining, excavation, construction and demolition to Middle Eastern, South American and African countries. Already established in the Middle East, Fares Bros is taking steps to expand our scope to supply the American Military and civilian contractors in Iraq and Kuwait. We have our shipping lines going into Port Alexandria, Port Said and Port Suez in Egypt, Port Jeddah and Port Dammam in Saudi Arabia and Port Shwaikh in Kuwait and Port Dar El Salam in Tanzania and access to other ports as required.

Areas of Expertise

Project Management:
The carrying out of all matters pertaining to the research, cost negotiation, purchase, transportation, delivery and the follow up for each machine.

Getting the most economical price for machinery, transportation and delivery on every purchase and sale.

Packing and transporting heavy machinery over land and ocean.

Continuing education and learning new approaches to business both online and on the job. Teach current and new staff the proper approach to each new deal and the follow through to the end.

Locating the individual, company and/or dealer having the machine. Building partnerships through personal and Internet exchanges.