Construction and Mining Equipment Sales

Fares Bros has many machines in stock now. If we do not have it, we find what the clients need through our buyer connections. If a client has equipment to sell, Fares Bros may be in the market for just what the client is selling.

Transportation & Logistic Services

Even if the client does not purchase equipment from us, Fares Bros transports it including inland and ocean transport worldwide.

Dismantling and Container Packing Services

Fares Bros dismantles the equipment, packs it safely, and transports it to the appropriate destination. With our transportation experience, clients feel confident that merchandise will be handled professionally and delivered safely. Even if a client did not purchase equipment from us, we dismantle, containerize, and transport it where it needs to go.

Shipping Worldwide

Fares Bros ships equipment worldwide. Our shipping division enjoys an excellent relationship with various sea freight lines serving the United States to/from the Middle East, Far East, Arabian Gulf, Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

Onsite Inspection and Repair Services

Fares Bros delivers onsite heavy equipment inspection and repair with specialty trained engineers and mechanics insuring that every machine is top condition and ready to work.