Mining Equipment

In the mining business, you need the right equipment to move the earth. Fares Bros will scour the earth to find it.

Finding the heavy machine you need for your heavy work is a specialty of Fares Bros. Tough-to-find equipment is routine for us. The impossible-to-find might take a little longer. But we’ll find it.

Fares Bros has mining machines in stock now. Whatever your mining needs, from start to finish, above or below ground, if we do not have it, we will use our global network to locate it. If you or someone you know has such equipment to sell, Fares Bros may be looking to buy. Either way, contact Fares Bros today.

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Mining equipment Fares Bros deals with includes (but is not limited to)

  • Bulldozers (Track or Wheeled)
  • Cable / Hammer Tractors
  • Continuous Miners
  • Crushers
  • Dragline Excavators
  • Drills
  • Dump Trucks (Articulated or Rigid Frame; End-dump or Center-Dump)
  • Haul Trucks
  • Loaders (Track or Wheeled)
  • Mass Excavators
  • Motor Graders

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  • Mucking Machines
  • Personnel Carriers
  • Remix Trucks
  • Roofbolters
  • Scalers
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Scooptrams
  • Scrapers (Single or Dual Engine; Wheeled; Elevating; Pull)
  • Shotcreters
  • Shovels (Electric or Hydraulic)
  • Shuttle Cars
  • Slushers & Tuggers
  • Transmixers
  • Utility Carriers
  • Water Trucks